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Will it fit my bike?

Print the template to check for proper fit on your windshield.

Not to be used for mounting!

This is only to verify that the windshield is of proper height and that there are no obstructions when mounted.

  1. Follow template instructions to print, cut out and fold at specified marks to form a 3.25 inch wide, 3.25 inch deep, and 2.25 inch high box. This is the virtual motor housing. Note: Cut the template the full length of the paper. The margins, when printed on your computer, stop the lines from being printed. The template is the length of the standard printer paper.
  2. Measure down 10.75 inches from the center of the windshield and use tape to mark this position.

  3. Hold up the box so you can see through it. Place the top of the box to the 10.75 inch mark on the tape. Hold the box flush against the windshield, this will be angle of the motor once mounted. Note: It is important that you have the virtual motor box flush against the windshield. The angle of the motor when bolted to the windshield will follow the angle of the windshield.
  4. Verify that you have clearance and no obstructions with your dashboard and or gauges. Note: This is the minimum height required. The motor can be mounted as low as 13.75 inches from the top of your windshield to the top of the virtual motor box if the above clearances are met.

The wiper system will work for you if the clearance is there.